Really! The very idea of it!


If you have been directed here it is because you know either Robert McEntee, Jeff Ward or Adam Ward.

The three of us had a rather drunken conversation in a Bulgarian restaurant in Seoul and you sitting down to read this is the outcome – at least thus far. The plan is for a greater, much more exciting outcome further down the line, in what scientists are currently referring to as “the future”.

Whilst Jeff and Adam Ward discussed and outlined a very solid manifesto which I’m sure will be posted here before too long, this initial posting will give you the basics:

If you’ve been directed here it is because you came up in our conversation. In between translating the menu and googling facts about Bulgaria (the first digital watch was invented by a bulgarian…), we discussed you. You were discussed. You, it seems, are believed to have at least a fleeting interest in literature, science and history and you also like to write. Sometimes. Maybe it’s in a cave somewhere where you are unreachable, unreadable and completely unaccountable for any of the actual words written, but you like to write them all the same. Well, allow to be your new cave.

This blog will be a space in which to post, share, steal and support one another’s ideas and themes.

Novels, novellas, reports, articles, short stories, even shorter stories, paragraphs, sentences, incomplete clauses and even single words are all welcome here for creative criticism. Let us know what you’ve read, too.

The blog title is taken from this Charles Bukowski quote.

Let’s see how it all pans out, eh?

How shall we do this?

Comments can be left below.

If you want to post up a new entry like this one, please feel free. From you can log in with the following details:

Username: airlighttimeandspace
Password: password2


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